Irwin Siegel Agency Private Client Group

Services Beyond the Policy

Insurance Services

Our insurance services go above and beyond insurance coverage.
  • Risk Consulting
  • Services to help identify:
    • Insulation problems
    • Electrical issues
    • Water leaks

Wildfire Protection

If a wildfire threatens a home, we have a service to preempt damage well before a wildfire even ignites. Teams will come to your home before a fire arrives to safeguard nearby brush with a fire-retardant spray to prevent destruction. The retardant creates an added layer of protection that can last throughout the wildfire season.

Background Checks

Ensure that those with access to your family and property are both qualified and credible. Policyholders have access to a complimentary resource to screen any full-time domestic staff that you may hire, helping to keep your family and possessions protected.

NY State Defensive Driving Courses

In an effort to keep the roads of New York safe, we offer access to online Defensive Driver Training for all residents of NY at significantly reduced rates.

Emergency Planning Consultation

Before a disaster strikes, our team will provide a safety and security assessment. This is designed to reduce any threats to your family and home.